The Maltesergarten – an ideal winegrowing terroir

Most of our vineyards are located in the Maltesergarten which consists of fertile loess-loam soils. Therefore, even in dry vintages, our vines profit from a reliable water and nutrient supply providing perfect conditions for the maturing of Gutedel (Chasselas) and Burgundy varieties. The high lime content of our soils buffers tartaric acid, giving a fine minerality and a unique character to our wines.
The sunny climate of Heitersheim and the Upper Rhine Valley contributes to the excellent winegrowing conditions in our region.  With an average of 5.7 hours of sunshine daily, fine primary aromas and many important grape components easily develop. At over 4500 feet the Black Mountains provide cool down-winds at night helping to cool the grapes and conserve their fragile flavors.  The combination of soil composition, sunny climate and cool nights create ideal conditions for wines with exquisite flavors, fine acidity and unique elegance!

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