Our vineyards at the foot of the Black Forest

Our winery is located in Heitersheim, in the heart of one of Germanys most beautiful Regions: the Markgräflerland. This lovely cultural landscape marks the most southern tip of Germany´s viticultural areas and stretches south of Freiburg between the Black Forest and the Upper Rhine up to the Swiss border. An abundance of sunshine throughout the year and lime-rich loess soils provide the ideal terroir for winegrowing. More than 2000 years ago, the Romans discovered the Heitersheim area and started to cultivate grapes and make wine. Later, during the middle ages, Heitersheim’s castle became the main seat of the Order of the Knights of Malta (“Malteser“), owners of extensive farm lands. Referring to the lands of the order, the vineyards in the Heitersheim region were named “Maltesergarten“.


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